You Know You Want to Stay on the Monorail!

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You Know You Want to Stay on the Monorail!

By Renee Martin

But why?  What’s the big deal?

First of all, it’s the coolest, most “futuristic” thing at Disney World!  You’ll feel like you’re being swept off to the future of travel.  What kid doesn’t like riding in a spaceship!?

There are 3 resorts on the Monorail Loop – the Contemporary, The Polynesian and the Grand Floridian.  All three have very different themes, but are sure to please everyone in your group.

The Contemporary, is as it sounds – quite modern.  It offers some of the bigger rooms at Disney World because it was built early, back in times when hotels offered larger space for families.  The main building, the Atrium has rooms that overlook either Bay Lake or Seven Seas Lagoon and the Magic Kingdom.  It is a giant A-frame building with a big breezeway that the monorail glides through.  The Contemporary is the first Disney resort I stayed at as a child, so it will always have fond memories for me as one of my favorites.  They’ve added on several “wings” in the last decades, including Bay Lake Tower, which is a Disney Vacation property that adjoins the Contemporary by a sky bridge.

The Grand Floridian is a huge Victorian-style resort and spa, that faces Seven Seas Lagoon and the Magic Kingdom.  It has great views of the fireworks and the Electrical Light Parade out on the water.  It also offers several fine dining restaurants, including Victoria & Albert’s, which offers a 7-course dinner menu for guests over 10 years old.  The Grand Floridian also has a Wedding Chapel available along with several different wedding packages to choose from, and they will do everything for you!

The last resort on the monorail loop is the Polynesian.  It is themed just as it sounds, and also overlooks the Seven Seas Lagoon and the Magic Kingdom.  You have a great view of the fireworks and the Electrical Light Parade too.  To me though, the best thing about the Polynesian, is the restaurants!  O’hana, is a family style feast!  The food is delicious and the dessert is the best banana bread pudding you’ve ever tasted!  Next door to O’hana is Kona Café, which serves sushi and other Polynesian type cuisine along with a delicious bread with a soft, whipped macadamia butter.

No matter which resort you choose, the monorail is the most exciting form of transportation at Disney World and it will make you feel as if you are way ahead of your time.

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